Kickstart your literature review

The aim of this online course is to help you brush up your search skills and improve your ability to find relevant material for your literature review.

The webinar will include tips on how to:

  • formulate a search strategy
  • select databases and other search tools that match your information need
  • expand your search to capture additional results and narrow down your search when you find too much information
  • document your search process.

Suggested reading
Gusenbauer, Michael, and Neal R Haddaway. “Which academic search systems are suitable for systematic reviews or meta-analyses? Evaluating retrieval qualities of Google Scholar, PubMed, and 26 other resources.”Research synthesis methods vol. 11,2 (2020): 181-217. doi:10.1002/jrsm.1378

Literature review, Search strategy, Search technique.

Webinar, online via Zoom - the link is be provided by mail.
The presentation will be in English.

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