Introduction to basic copyright

The aim of this webinar is to help you navigate the do’s and don’t’s of copyright when working, publishing, studying, or teaching at DTU - and understand the fundamental concepts of copyright.

In an increasingly digital world, understanding copyright is more crucial than ever. This webinar, hosted by one of the DTU copyright librarians, aims to demystify the subject and equip participants with practical knowledge.

Attendees will explore a range of topics, including:

  • Understanding Copyright Basics: Grasp the core principles that govern intellectual property.
  • Copyright in Research: Learn about using copyrighted images in publications and presentations.
  • Reproducing Graphs and Data: Guidelines for legally using graphs and data sets in academic work.
  • Navigating Online Content: Strategies for utilizing digital media, including Creative Commons-licensed works.
  • Quotes and Citations: Proper ways to incorporate quotes in research while respecting copyright rules.
  • Safeguarding Your Creations: Insightful tips on protecting your own academic and creative works.
  • Handling Copyright Infringement: Practical advice on what to do if your work is used without permission
  • AI and copyright: How to use generative AI without infringing on copyright, and who owns the AI output?

This webinar is not only a learning opportunity but also a platform for discussion and Q&A, ensuring that participants leave with a clear understanding of how to apply these tips in their academic and professional lives.

Suggested reading
A very good book on basic copyright - in Danish: Ophavsret for begyndere. En bog til ikke-jurister af Morten Rosenmeier

Webinar, online via Zoom - the link is be provided by mail.
The presentation will be in English.

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