Research data and research data management

Research data

Research data are all the results and analyses that lie behind a research project's discoveries and conclusions. Research data can be of very different in nature and various in formats. Some data are sensitive or confidential, and requires special attention, e.g., personal data.

Research data and research data management are the cornerstone of our results. DTU Library supports DTU's researchers, including PhD students, with guidance, tools, teaching, policies, and guidelines. In addition, we run DTU Data - DTU's platform for data publication.

DTU Data

DTU Data is DTU's platform for publishing research data. DTU Data makes it possible to publish, accentuate, and find research data generated in research projects at DTU or by DTU researchers.

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Data management

Safe handling of research data and good data management is a prerequisite for the credibility of the research and for the results to be reproducible. Data management is relevant in all phases of a research project: in the planning, in the active face, and while you are publishing, and when sharing the results - i.e., even after the end of the project.

DTU Library guides and teaches in the handling of research data, data management, and in the work with Data Management Plans (DMP), for DTU's research projects. We support handeling of  research data according to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable).

As a researcher at DTU, you can use CeiC DMP (DMPonline), a tool with templates for data management plans which guides you in the process of developing a Data Management Plan for your own project.


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DTU policy on research data

DTU's policy for research data supports researchers and students in decisions on handling research data. The policy also defines data and Research Data Management (RDM), and provides clear guidelines for how the responsibility for handling the various practices regarding research data is distributed between you as a researcher, the department management, and DTU.

The purpose of the policy is to describe how research data is managed at DTU and thereby ensure that research at DTU is in accordance with the ”Den danske kodeks for integritet i forskningen” (Danish only).

DTU’s Research Data Management Policy (pdf)

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