Copyright is relevant to you, whether you are a student, researcher, or lecturer at DTU. Copyright is also relevant for other users of DTU Library.

Copyright comes into play when you want to use or cite other people's work, images, figures, etc. in connection with research, teaching, teaching material, and writing assignments or when others want to use something you have produced or written. These rights also come into play with the use of video and streaming in teaching.

Attention to copyright is essential in relation to the transfer of rights to a publisher when you publish scientific articles, especially in relation to Open Access publishing.

Copyright covers the set of laws, rules, and agreements that ensure that whoever creates a literary or artistic work has legal rights to the work.

This means that, as a rule, you cannot use or copy someone else's work without permission from the copyright holder.

Thus, copyright also becomes relevant in relation to the materials, literature, and databases that DTU Library makes available to our users.

Fortunately, there are exceptions that are ind the law, decision-making, and in the agreements DTU enters with the rights holders, which mean that you as a student or employee at DTU (and as a citizen of Denmark) can use these works without having to get in touch with the individual authors.

You can read much more about copyright in research and teaching at DTU on DTU Inside.

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