Returning books - and recall notices

Books can be returned at the self-service terminal, Library Service during opening hours, by post or in the post/drop box at the library entrance.

Recall notices

Recall is done by e-mail to the address we have from your registration. For DTU staff, this is the official DTU-mail and for DTU students, we use the official DTU student-mail (the s-mail).

The recall notice will normally be sent after 4 weeks at the earliest - and not until another user has made a reservation.

  • 1st recall notice: Free of charge 
  • 2nd recall notice: Free of charge
  • 3rd recall notice:your library account is blocked and you will be prevented from borrowing books or equipment at the library.

Blocking of library account

DTU Library cannot issue fines, but we can block a user from being able to borrow books and equipment.

If you want to borrow books or equipment again, please hand in the material at Library Service during opening hours. We will then remove the block and you can borrow new material again.

Compensation claim

If you have lost the book, please contact us at Then we determine a compensation claim. Once the compensation has been paid, you can borrow material again.

The size of the compensation claim is determined on the basis of the cost of acquiring corresponding material. The compensation claim may include an administration fee for the procurement costs entailed in replacing the material. The compensation claim will not be refunded if you subsequently return the material.