DTU Orbit and research registration

DTU Orbit holds information about DTU publications from 1996 onwards. And publications made by:

  • The former Risø National Laboratory from 1958.
  • DTU Diplom (the former IHK) from 1971.
  • DTU Environment from 1966.
  • DTU Aqua, DTU Food, DTU Vet, DTU Space and DTU Transport only from 2007.

DTU Orbit also holds a limited number of publications from DTU before 1996 and from employees' previous employments.

Please note that DTU Orbit includes the full text when possible according to copyright policies. DTU PhD dissertations are available in full text from 2007.

Data from DTU Orbit can also be searched in The Danish National Research Database and search engines such as Google.

Research registration at DTU
Research produced by employees at DTU are to be registered in DTU Orbit. Data from DTU Orbit is utilized in internal statistics and evaluations. Furthermore the research at DTU is made visibly to the outside world.

It is mandatory to register all written publications where one or more DTU employees are affiliated as authors. It is optional to register projects and activities.

It is the individual employee's own responsibility to make sure that their personal list of publications in DTU Orbit is updated correctly.

The procedure of research registration
DTU Library automatically finds and registers the majority of the publications where DTU employees are affiliated (roughly 60% of all publications). Publications that are not found automatically are to be reported by the employee to the library:

PilAdd/edit research (only DTU employees)
- personal list of your publications in DTU Orbit and the option to add missing publications, projects or activities.

Download our Quick Guide or read much more about research registration in our FAQ.

Questions regarding DTU Orbit and research registration can be send to orbit@dtu.dk. It is also possible to book presentations, teaching or guidance.


DTU Orbit

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