How can you use DTU Smart Library

The vision for DTU Smart Library is to create an “indoor living lab” where students and researchers can develop, test, and present smart technologies. We also collaborate with companies to benefit them and us.

If you are a student, you can

  • Do a project on DTU Smart Library and smart technologies – e.g., wayfinding, facility management, or indoor climate
  • Build your own sensor, install it in the library, and collect data. You can then compare your results with the library’s sensor data
  • Collect data from the sensors already installed in the library and use them in your assignment.
  • If you have a Roskilde Festival project, you ar welcome to use the library as a test lab.

If you are a researcher/teacher, you can

  • Use the library as a living test lab for data collection and use sensor technology as a supplement to your teaching and counselling activities
  • Use the library as a living lab for your own research
  • Use our sensor data to make qualitative and quantitative data analyses.

If you are a company, you can

  • Collaborate with us – install and test your own sensors or monitor the use of your products in a library hall that has 2.500 daily visitors.
  • Exampel of collaboration:
    • IOT Danmark has installed sensors in the library; these generate data and knowledge about the indoor climate.



  • Atea
  • Cisco/Meraki
  • IOT Danmark
  • Leapcraft
  • LED iBond
  • Microsoft
  • SynergyXR
  • Unity

DTU Departments and other units:

  • DTU Afdeling for IT (AIT)
  • DTU Campus Service (CAS)
  • DTU Smart Campus