Get access to data from DTU Smart Library

DTU Smart Library is inviting DTU students and researcher to freely use data from DTU Smart Library for any project.

We have various types of sensors in DTU Smart Library. We need to know which sensor, the location, and how many of them you are interested in collecting data from.

Please send an e-mail to get access to data. 


to Thomas,, and state:

  • Name of the project og cource
  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Project members if, names and e-mails
  • Date you need the data ready [dd-mm-yyyy]
  • End date of the project [dd-mm-yyyy]
  • Description of project with subject keywords
  • What kind of data? Historic data or live data
  • Please state sensor data logging period (start and ende date). [dd-mm-yyyy] [dd-mm-yyyy]
  • And please state wich sensor you are interested in collecting data from:
    • AirWits: CO2, Temperature, Relative humidity
    • Ambinode: CO2, Relative humidity, Temperature, Lighting (Lux), Particles (PM2,5/PM10), VOC
    • Axis: Visitors to the library (number)
    • Desk occupancy: Occupied/not occupied (50 seats in the reading area)
    • Røde: Sound
  • Please state in wich format(s) you would like the data:
    • CSV
    • Excel
    • PDF
    • Power BI
  • General comments, if any
What do you get
When we have received your email, we gather the data you have requested. Then, we will send you the data in the format or formats you have requested, and you can start using it for your project or assignment.
  • CO2
  • Lighting 
  • Particles
  • Sound
  • Occupied/not occupied
  • Relative humidity
  • Temperature
  • Visitor counts