Anonymization of research data


Anonymization of research data


30. maj 2023 10:30 - 13:00


The Auditorium, DTU Skylab


DTU Research Data Support



Anonymization of research data

- a Knowledge Organisation initiative

What do pseudonymization, anonymization, and de-identification really mean?

You may by now have heard many times that, according to data protection law, personal data used in research must be either deleted or “anonymized” once the scientific study has ceased. Fully anonymized data is no longer considered personal data and may therefore continue to be stored and used.

Shortly, data is anonymized when it cannot be traced back to individuals by anyone. But is that even possible for some type of data? Are there other lawful possibilities to keep working with the data? Which rules apply to pseudonymized data? And what does de-identification mean?

The aim of this roundtable is to provide researchers at DTU with basic knowledge of the applicable rules, but especially to trigger a fruitful discussion among peers with exchange of knowledge from real cases.

The roundtable will include:

  • An introduction about national and European rules on anonymization of personal data
  • Presentations by Danish National Archives (Rigsarkivet), Statistics Denmark and DTU researchers of real-case scenarios and challenges
  • Final discussion

The conclusions of the final discussion will be summarized in a short document and may form the basis of future information sheets and guidelines for anonymization of research data at DTU.

The summary will be forwarded to roundtable participants when finalized.

In-person meeting at the auditorium, in DTU Skylab
Short presentations and roundtable discussions.
The roundtable discussions are facilitated by Katrine Flindt Holmstrand (DTU Library) and Serena Faccio (AIT).
The event will be held in English.

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