OpenRefine workshop

OpenRefine workshop


12. jun 2023 14:00 - 16:00


Bygning 202, Lyngby Campus


DTU Bibliotek



OpenRefine workshop

– work with messy data without changing the original dataset

Jeannette from DTU Library offers a 2 hour introductory workshop to OpenRefine – a powerful free, open source application for cleaning up messy data and transforming data into other formats. The application is a bit similar to working with spreadsheets like Excel, but behaves more like a database.

OpenRefine is not a webservice, and you do not have to upload your data ‘the cloud’ in order to use it. OpenRefine is a desktop application that you download, install and run on your own computer and you interact with it through your web browser (Chrome or Firefox).

You do not need to participate in the OpenRefine webinar on 9 May to sign up for this workshop.

Course material will be based on lessons from the Carpentry - see examples from, or 

Minor preparation is required to participate in the workshop. Information will be provided one week in advance.

Sign up for the workshop before 6 June