Study environment and IT in Lyngby

At the DTU Library in Lyngby you will find…

Library Service

Library Service desk offers general library guidance. If you have questions about databases, literature, or subject searches, please ask for a ibrarian (9.00-15.00).

Library service opening hours
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Study places and group study rooms and lounge areas

Feel free to use our study places on all four floors. The library also offers solo study places in the reading area on the 2nd floor and a number of group rooms with booking.
In our more relaxing furniture around the library, you can take a break with a cup of coffee. In the basement, we offer an area with board games, video games, and TV screens. Video games and controllers can be borrowed for use in the library at Library Service.

Numbers of free seats in the library in Lyngby
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Databar and IT

As a DTU student, you can make use of the Windows workstations with double screens at the databar on the 1st floor.

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If you do not have a DTU login, you can use the walk-in PCs on the ground floor, which allows you to search and use DTU Library's databases - to some extent.


DTU students and staff can print B/W for free in the databar on the 1st floor. Just present your activated student card/DTU card to the printer. In the Print Shop on the ground floor, DTU students and staff can scan to e-mail and print in colour.

In the library basement, DTU students and staff can print posters up to size A0. Colour prints and posters are paid for via your student card/DTU card.

Users not affiliated with DTU can print for free in black and white from the walk-in PCs and contact the Library Service for colour printing for 0.50 DKK per A4 page.

Read more about printing, activation, prices, etc. at the DTU Databar website
DTU Databar

Map of printers and plotters on Lyngby Campus (pdf)

Multifunction printers

size B/W
A4 free
0.5 DKK
A3 free 1.0 DKK

Poster priners

size B/W colour
A0 32 DKK
32 DKK
A1 16 DKK
16 DKK
A2 8 DKK
A3 4 DKK

Scientific information and books

The library focuses solely on purchasing e-books rather than books in print. Therefore, use DTU Findit to search for the latest electronic edition of the book you need. In the basement we retain our collection of older printed books.

Start your information search in DTU Findit

DTU Media Lab

You will find our DTU Media Lab  facilities in the basement: Walk-in video studio, Post-produktion, XR stations, and 3D printing. Come by the Digital Sandbox and get started with XR. The facilities require booking, besides 3D printing.

What is the DTU Media Lab?
What is Digital Sandbox?

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You can use the lockers in the library. You will find lockers in the basement as well as on 1st and 2nd floor. We empty them regularly - belongings are stored at Library Service for 30 days.

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