Walk-in video studio

DTU Media Lab

The walk-in video studio is a professionally equipped television studio where you can record your lessons, presentations, pitchs, information videos etc. in full HD 720 quality.

The study is based on self-service and built with ease of use in mind, thus, you can focus on your professional communication and burn through.

The studio has a technically complex structure, and can therefore, seem unmanageable. However, experience shows that the studio is relatively easy to use once you know it, and if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at medialab@dtu.dk

However, we cannot promise to come to the studio and help immediately. If you want to be sure that you know how the studio works technically, we recommend that you test your setup before your final recording. It is a good idea to practice before your presentation. Although the studio is user-friendly, standing in front of a camera in an empty room – without the energy and co-operation of an audience that you may be used to – can be a challenge in itself for some.

There are two ways to record in the Walk-in studio:

  1. Panopto – easily accessible
    Here, as in many auditoriums, you connect your PC to camera and sound with the Panopto-marked USB cable, and start up as usual. Set the quality in Panopto to Ultra. If your PC can cope, it is the best choice, otherwise choose “High”.
  2. SSD hard drive – comprehensive
    You record on one or more SSD hard disks, which you can borrow at Library Service. To transfer your recordings to a computer, you must use a docking station, that you also borrow at Library Service. Be aware, that the videos take up quite a lot of space, we therefore advise you to use a powerful computer for editing.

Watch our video tutorial

You can edit your video in our Post-production, with 2 powerful computers and the software available.

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