DTU Research Analytics Platform

DTU RAP is the primary data source when DTU Library provides bibliometric analyses of DTU's research publications at the level of the university, departments, sections, and researchers. The analyses are part of the annual reports of the university and the departments as well as the reporting on the strategic framework contract. The analyses are also used for benchmarking with other universities and for exploring DTU's collaboration with universities, industry, and among DTU’s departments.

DTU RAP is operated and developed by DTU Library and provides an overview of the researchers’, sections’, and departments’ research output and citation impact based on publications in Web of Science. The platform thus supports the evaluation of DTU's departments and sections and provides indicators for international research evaluations.

DTU RAP also allows users to generate co-publication analyses of DTU's collaboration with other universities and industry.

You need a DTU login to access DTU RAP.


Christina Steensboe

Christina Steensboe Senior Executive Officer, Research Analytics Mobile: +45 51157405