About DTU Library

- the gateway to knowledge and innovation

DTU Library, Technical Information Center of Denmark, is the university library of DTU and the national technical information center.

DTU Library mission

DTU Library is a leading, user-oriented, and innovative university library that benefits DTU.

The mission of DTU Library is rooted in Open Science. Our goal is to promote DTU's research, and education, and to ensure that DTU openly and transparently profits from and utilises scientific information.

DTU Findit, DTU Orbit, and DTU data - and the integration between them – lie at the very core of DTU Library's digital Open Science infrastructure.

By means of this infrastructure, DTU Library delivers streaming, communication, counseling, teaching, and analyses which - together with our focus on the library's study environment - support DTU's strategic objectives regarding engineering education, sustainability, and digitisation.


Our work is centered around sccientific information supply.

See an overview of DTU Library tasks

DTU Biblioteksforum (DTU Library Forum)  is DTU Library advisory board with representatives from all DTU's departments and two students from Polyteknisk forening, PF, the student organisation at DTU.

DTU Biblioteksforum meet two times a year.

DTU Library is the secretariat for the DTU Research Data Forum. This forum supports practices for the university's handling of research data to promote excellent research. The forum consists of representatives from all DTU's departments and is responsible for DTU Policy of the Retention of Primary Materials and Data (pdf).