Events in the library

The library on the Lyngby campus is suitable for events aimed at DTU's stakeholders and which support DTU's work.

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The stage area is centrally located and events can be followed from both the ground floor and 1st floor. The stage area offers a big LED screen (4.8 meters) and directional quality speakers. The big screen can be connected to both PC and TV, and the technology allows for live streaming.

DTU's departments, research groups, projects, student groups, interest groups, etc. Everyone is welcome to come up with ideas for presentations or events that can be held in the library.

Book the library for your event or read more about holding events in the library at DTU Inside (DTU login)

Should you need sparring with DTU Library staff, please contact us by email.

Heidi Gregersen

Heidi Gregersen Event coordinator

The library was a great place for the event, and we hope to be able to hold further events there.
Caroline Hamelmann Volunteer/Student in Society for Biological Engineering at DTU