Use DTU Library in your teaching

When teaching at DTU, you can always book a tailor-suited course for your students by DTU Library. We teach approx. 4000 people from DTU each year and have extensive experience in customizing content and format for different needs.

We have an ambition to always contribute to teaching, projects and assignments with high academic quality. Therefore, we also offer you and your students to contact us after the course, for more detailed follow-up or personalized feedback.

With our teaching your students will learn how to:

  • search in DTU Findit
    • What is DTU Findit?
    • What is the content available?
    • How do I get access to articles and books in pdf?
    • How do I save my search result and documents?
    • How can I share relevant articles an books with my DTU fellows?
    • Haw can I export references to Mendeley or equivalent reference tools?
  • find relevant literature for their projecks
    • What is a good search strategy?
    • What search tips and tricks are important?
    • Where should I search?
    • How do I select the right literatur to use?
    • Which type of research literature is relevant for different purposes?
  • evaluate their sources
    • What is the differences between searching with Google or via DTU Library?
    • How can I evaluate the credibility of a reference?
    • What parts of a book or an article should I focus on?
  • cite their sources correctly
    • What can the reference tool Mendeley be used for?
    • What is good practice when working with your references?
    • How can I avoid plagiarism?
    • How do I cite correctly?
    • What format to chose for citations and reference lists?

Your students will also

  • get feedback on search process and search results
    • When have I don enough searching?
    • What if I can not find anything about my subject?
    • How do I limit the amount of information, if I have too much?
    • What can the library in Lyngby and Ballerup offer?
    • How to navigate the website of the library?
    • What information can I get from DTU Library via Facebook?
    • How to book group room and equipment?
  • be introduced to the study environment in the library - open 24/7
    • How can I book librarian to support my search for literature?
    • How can I contact DTU Library, if I need help or have a quistion?
    • What courses, workshops and event are held at DTU Library?
  • learn about the toolbox - Other search tools
    • What databases and reference tools are relevante for min subject field?
    • How to navigate the more than 100 different search tool of "Other search tools"?
    • What is the difference between "Other search tools" and DTU Findit?


The departments where we teach

DTU Compute
DTU Environment
DTU Civil Engineering
DTU Bioengineering
DTU Fotonik
DTU Kemi
DTU Elektro
DTU Mechanical Engineering
DTU Management Engineering
DTU Food
DTU Engineering Technology