Book a librarian - introduction to information searching

Search and find

Book a librarian is an introduction providing an overview of the information resources of DTU Library. The introduction can be arranged to fit your requirements, your subject and your professional profile. It usually takes about one hour.
These information resources are the natural starting point:

  • DTU Findit – scientific articles, journals, books, e-books and students’ theses
  • Other search tools – collection of area specific databases and e-books

We can also introduce you to specific databases, e.g. Web of Science or Scopus, or give an introduction to the reference tool Mendeley.

Furthermore, we can help you define a search strategy and select relevant databases.

Book an appointment with a librarian
In our booking system you can make an appointment with a librarian.
In order to give us time to prepare for the introduction according to your needs, we ask you to make your appointment, at the latest, the day before (before 12.00 noon).

You will be asked to log in using name and e-mail address – in case we need to contact you with further questions or rescheduling etc.

Your reservation is not valid until you have received a final confirmation email. You will get a mail with a reminder one hour before your session starts.

PilBook an appointment - Tuesday-Friday, 10.00 - 14.00

Book an introduktion can be used...

... both by individuals and groups, like study or research groups - in connection with a project assignment, a final project or a major research project.