Sensors, cameras, sound and lighting


A total of 120 ModCams are located at DTU Library's four floors.

Anonymous data from ModCams is, among other things, translated into heat and track maps that can qualify decisions regarding the arrangement of the library with regard to eg. the location of furniture, services and staff.


Sensor boxes

A number of sensor boxes have been installed on all floors of the library. Here, conditions such as light, sound, humidity, CO2, pressure, temperature and much more are recorded.

Data is collected and registered in DTU Library's systems with the purpose of giving students, teachers and researchers access to both historical data as well as live data from one of the most used locations at DTU Campus in Lyngby.

LED lights

The old lighting in the library was appropriate for looking for books on shelves. Years back the books were placed in the basement creating the need for a new lighting that could support the use of the library as a place for study, learning, relaxation and meetings.

Lys DTU Bibliotek
Lys DTU Bibliotek

LED iBonds lighting solution gives our students better lighting in terms of supporting the activities that take place in the library hall today. It is more flexible in relation to the changing light conditions of the seasons and the time of day. In addition, in five specific zones, the users themselves can adjust the light so that brightness and color scheme match the needs of those staying in the zone.

One of those dedicated zones is located on the ground floor to the right of the entrance, and the other four zones are situated on the first floor.

You will find a zone map of the 1st floor below, or click for a full zone map of all three floors as PDF.

Zonekort 2. sal
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