Competition: Find and test 'smart technology' for Roskilde Festival and win tickets

- use DTU Library as a test lab

DTU students are invited to develop and test technologies that can count the number of people moving through the festival gates.

The winner project will get the opportunity to implement their solution for this year's Roskilde Festival and at the same time get admission tickets to the festival (max 6 participants in the group).

During the competition period, the groups can test their ideas and technology in the library in Lyngby - the library hall is part of DTU Smart Library. DTU Library will finance the groups' purchases of the equipment to be set up in the library.

The competition is a collaboration between DTU Library, Powered by DTU Students and Roskilde Festival.


The deadline for entry into the competition is 12 May 2021.
The deadline for submitting a project idea is 7 June 2021.
Presentation of projects and awarding the winner: in June 2021. The winning team will be able to implement the solution at the festival during the week up to the opening of the festival site.

Registration and questions

Questions can be sent to information consultant at DTU Library, Thomas Skov Jensen på



Roskilde Festival is in the process of improving the mapping of the number of participants at the festival. The festival organizers already know how many people have bought tickets, and they have good estimates of the number of people in each of the festival's areas - but data can still be improved.

Roskilde Festival is therefore seeking help to find and test technologies that can count - without physical intervention - the number of people passing through a given gate.

The gates are typically openings in a fence, between 2 and 6 meters wide. The gates are arranged so that the participants are guided through and the human flow is facilitated. This is the flow Roskilde Festival would like to measure. At the entrances, digital scanners count people as they scan their wristbands. Data for people leaving is missing, however.

Roskilde Festival seeks proposals for and tests of specific technologies. It could be radar, laser, camera or other equipment that by means of software can count the number of people leaving the area. This could also be done by setting up beacons at entrances as well as exits. This way, you would be able to use data from the exact number of people passing through the gate (obtained via digital access control) to create a scaling factor, which could then be used to estimate the exit flow.

The project

Find technologies and build a set-up that - in an open field with electricity and internet access - can count the number of people moving through a 2-6 meter hole in a fence. You are welcome to change the access hole in the fence and build gates, ceilings etc. for the technology to work.

Roskilde Festival expects the prototype to be implemented under open skies and that the group as a minimum will develop a system that can be tested at one of the gates. Ideally, the solution will be able to handle a flow of at least 2000 people per hour - preferably more. The solution does not necessarily have to be tested during the entire festival period, but must be in operation for at least 32 hours - preferably during peak days.

Contact Roskilde Festival: Henrik Bondo Nielsen 

Roskilde Festival