Research Data management services

Where can I find support for my research data and data management at DTU?

At the DTU Library we have a research data management team teaching, guiding and giving advice to DTU researchers and employees.

Please contact us, whenever you have questions or a suggestion to improvement/service or when you want to book us for a presentation on Data Management Plans and the Open Research Data Pilot in Horizon2020 at your department.

We are eager to offer support for data management plans, and it is a mandatory request to send us a copy of your data management plan: Please

Please contact us with any research data issue: e-mail: or phone: +45 45 25 72 50

Research data management team supports various initiatives:

DTUs Research Data Forum
Chaired by the Research Dean Katrine Krogh Andersen, the Research Data Forum coordinates all initiatives and activities regarding DTU Research data management.

It is the scope of the forum to:

  • Promote research data management at the whole university.
  • Provide a cross-departmental coordination of the activities at DTU for exchange of information and mutual strengthening between central and decentral initiatives.
  • Ensure long-term quality and sustainability of research data management.
  • Ensure compliance with requirements of relevant national and international strategies, policies, codes of conduct etc.
  • Ensure optimal cooperation with corresponding national and international initiatives.

The DTU Research Data Forum has initiated the implementation of the DTU Policy of the Retention of Primary Materials and Data (pdf) and the local implementation of related Procedures and Guidelines in all DTU departments and centers.

DTU Library - Research Data Management (RDM) serves as secretary for the Forum.
PilInformation about DTUs Research Data Forum (DTU Login)

Electronic Lab Notebooks, ELN Pilot
Electronic Lab Notebooks are electronic versions of a paper Lab Books.

DTU Library is currently investigating several solutions for Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) together with research groups from different departments. Please contact for more information and guide to software.

DTU data repositories
DTU intends to provide access to a DTU owned and maintained data repository that allows researchers to manage their data responsibly. The DTU solution will include storage space, access control, publication options, licenses, long-term preservation and more.

Until the DTU data repository is in place (estimated time of launch: beginning of 2019), DTU recommends the use of publicly available repositories relevant for your research discipline.

Please contact for more information.

Handbook in Code of Conduct
The complete "DTU Handbook for Responsible Conduct of Research" will be published any time soon on DTU Inside. It contains the basic information for all Modules and is mostly targeted towards PhD students. The Library RDM team has contributed to the book with a complete chapter on Research data management.

As a fundamental part of good scientific conduct the Library offers a full day seminar about Data management – this is part of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) educational programme Module III.

The participants will be introduced to general concepts in research data management such as the Data Life Cycle and the FAIR principles. The need for good research data management will be explained on the basis of the Code of Conduct and external requirements, e.g. the Open Research Data Pilot in the Horizon 2020 programme and national and international strategies on Open Science. Main focus will be on their practical implications and how researchers can benefit from good RDM practices.

We are planning a number of workshops for all interested researchers and employees, e.g. on working with personal data, "Open Data and Innovation" or usage licenses for data sets. Any other suggestions are welcome. For more information, please contact

Links and references
PilMore in depth information and guidelines can be found at DTU Inside (DTU Login)

Danish online ressources for Data management:
PilDanish e-Infrastructure Cooperation DeiC

FAIR Principperne:
PilThe FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship
PilGuidelines on FAIR Data management in Horizon 2020 (pdf)
PilGuidance dokument om implementeringen af FAIR principperne (pdf), publiceret af Science Europe (europæisk interesseorganisation af bevillingsgivere) i januar 2018