Open Researcher and Contributor ID - ORCID

What is ORCID

ORCID is a unique and internationally recognised researcher ID, also used at DTU. ORCID is connecting research and researchers.


- when you publish
A unique ID like ORCID overcomes complications with coincidence of names, the use of special characters and variations in abbreviations of first and middle names. ORCID thus ensures that you and your research are correctly linked. ORCID also guarantees that your research is cited correctly and that all your citations are attributed to you. ORCID is yours personally and it follows you regardless of employer, field of research and change in name, if any.

- when applying for funding
Once you have linked your research to your ORCID, many funders may only ask for your ORCID as a  documentation for your research. This eases the administrative procedure - not only for you but also for the funding authority.

- in research institutions, here DTU
The researchers' use of ORCID helps to ensure that the university research database, DTU Orbit, is updated corectly. This also means that the appropriate publications and citations are attributed to the university. The administrative work for the various types of applications is also facilitated for the Administration at DTU.

Get your ORCID

As an employee at DTU, you can set up your ORCID via DTUBasen. If you already have an ORCID, you can link it to your profile in DTUBasen. From DTUBasen ORCIDs can be reused in other systems at the university, such as the research database DTU Orbit. Your ORCID is shown on your electronic profile on
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Questions about ORCID and ORCID at DTU can be addressed to DTU Library at

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