Guidelines for assigning ISBN numbers to DTU publications

Appendix to DTU Publication Policy

Both printed and electronic publications must have an ISBN number.*

There is no central DTU authority assigning ISBN numbers to DTU publications. This means that you need to e-mail the person responsible for assigning ISBN numbers at the relevant department or center.

The e-mail must contain:
The correct title of the publication as well as author names.

The following types of DTU publications do NOT need an ISBN number:

  • PhD theses.
  • Reports if they are printed and issued only to a closed circle of people and are not made available to the public, neither in printed nor electronic form.
  • Reports, which are circulated only to a limited group of people (i.e. 20 municipalities or 50 schools or the participants in a survey), neither in printed nor electronic form.

For further information, please visit Dansk ISBN-kontor (in Danish)

* There are no legal requirements that ISBN numbers must be assigned to publications published in Denmark. It is, however, DTU policy to do so.

DTU Publication Policy