Guide to Open Access publication

Two ways to Open Access publication:

Green Open Access
Green Open Access is when you publish in a traditional journal and your scientific article is subsequently made available online for free e.g. by being uploaded in the university repository DTU Orbit or another repository as e.g.

Golden Open Access
Golden Open Access is when you publish your article in an Open Access journal; see Directory of Open Access Journals, DOAJ. Some publishers charge a fee for Open Access publishing. Please check Open access discounts for DTU.


The ways to Open Access publication:
This guide shows the standard procedure for Open Access publication of research articles.

Guide to Open Access publication


Save your revisions

Save your pre-print and post-print. This will increase your Open Access options.

If you apply for funding for your research make an entry in the budget for publishing. Open Access publishing might require a fee. Please note that many funders today demand that the research they support is made Open Access. 

Get to know your rights and read your contract and copyright transfer agreement thoroughly. DTU has a standard contract for publishing that can secure your rights.

Research registration by
DTU Library
A team from DTU Library registrers all your research. They might contact you to get a copy of your post-print for the purpose of uploading it to DTU Orbit.