How to cite a DTU post-print article

DTU publications in both DTU Orbit and DTU Findit have a cover sheet with the correct bibliographic data.

The bibliographic data - title, authors, journal, year, volume, page number, etc. - is not always present in the post-print edition of a scientific article. However, it is typically the post-print which is published as Open Access and thus available to all, e.g. researchers outside DTU - via the DTU research database DTU Orbit and online library DTU Findit. If the bibliographic data is incomplete, it is difficult to cite the postprint articles correctly.

The solution is a cover sheet for all DTU publications downloaded from either DTU Orbit or DTU Findit. This cover sheet contains all the bibliographic data from the publisher's version of the article and thus helps to ensure that publications are quoted correctly - even the post-prints.

PilSee an example of a cover sheet


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