Copyright guidelines for researchers

As a researcher or PhD student at DTU, you will no doubt encounter a number of copyright issues.

At DTU Inside, you will find information about copyright for researchers as well as links to DTU’s official publishing policy.
PilCopyright at DTU Inside ( DTU login) 

When publishing, think carefully before transferring your copyright to a publisher. It is important for the University that you retain as many rights to your work as possible so that DTU may archive your research in DTU Orbit.

Open access

Offering immediate access to DTU research through Open Access publishing is very important to DTU researchers. You may read more about Open Access on DTU Library’s Open Access pages.
PilOpen access at DTU


Udvalget til beskyttelse af Videnskabeligt Arbejde (UBVA) is a Standing Committee under the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC). They look after the interests of researchers on issues regarding copyright and patents. UBVA offer various courses on copyright that may well be of interest to you.
PilUBVA’s website

Danish Copyright Law

PilThe Danish Act on Copyright
   (in Danish)