Use links in your teaching material – not handouts or PDF files

DTU pays an annual fee to CopyDan for the copies made throughout the university (paper as well as electronic copies). This fee is based on an agreement between DTU (via Universities Denmark/Danske Universiteter) and CopyDan, which took effect on 1 January 2017.

In this context, copies mean:

  • Copies from copy machines at DTU
  • Copies in compendiums used for teaching
  • Copies of material, such as articles, reports, books and parts of these, used for teaching.

The above applies to analog as well as digital copying, i.e. to both paper copies and storage - e.g. saving and sharing files in groups via DTU Inside (CampusNet).

Use deep links
CopyDan only counts scanned or copied material. The count does not include links to the original material. For this reason, it is important to provide links rather than handouts and PDF files. Rather than uploading PDF files in the course groups at DTU Inside (CampusNet) you can simply provide deep links to the articles and materials.

Maintain access
The use of links also provides DTU Library with a much more accurate picture of material use when we evaluate what materials should be purchased and which subscriptions should be renewed. The Library cannot evaluate the use of material that has been copied and distributed physically.