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DTU Library offers access to a number of databases, e-book collections and other online resources within the fields of research and teaching at DTU. Most of these data are fully integrated into DTU Findit and can therefore be searched for in DTU Findit.

Some of these databases, e-book collections and other online resources can be accessed directly, as standalone search tools. They are found by a simple look up of the tool's title in DTU Findit. To the right of the search result in DTU Findit you will find the direct link to the tool.

Alternatively, you can choose from the Other Search Tools list in DTU Findit.

Online resources on this page are arranged alphabetically, but you can also select tools from DTU's research areas in the drop-down menu.

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Alternative ways to get articles

- use Open Access
We present three free alternative ways to get access to scientific references: Open Access databases and archives, Open Access tools (i.e.browser plug-ins) and Contact the author - use your network - get a copy from the author directly

PilAlternative ways to get articles


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Danmarks Tekniske Kulturarv

Danmarks Tekniske Kulturarv

- search material from DTU's historical collections: books from before 1920, catalogue cards for books from before 1967 and hundreds of scanned photos.

PilDanmarks Tekniske Kulturarv