Is DTU publishing more or fewer publications in 2020?

Tuesday 15 Sep 20
DTU Research Output Statistics

Every year, publishing activity for all DTU researchers is reported for the departments' UMV statistics (Udviklingsmål og virkemidler). The number of publications per year can be related to a target set by the management of the department.

DTU Library is behind a tool called DTU Research Output Statistics, which supports the departments' ongoing effort of keeping track of their publication figures for the UMV. The tool is updated twice a month with data on publications from DTU Orbit.

You find the statistics in DTU Findit by unfolding the small menu under your name in the upper right corner; select "Statistics". The statistics start with the overall statistics for DTU. Select the department or unit you want to study with the arrow next to the "Technical University of Denmark" field.


Here the departments can follow how many publications have been published this year within the 5 categories that count in the UMV, for example articles from Web of Science indexed journals.

The target number is marked with a green line to show you how close the department is to reaching the target if you select ”Show target” and ”Compare with previous year”.

You can also view the details across 2 years, and thus compare and see how close the department is to the number of publications at the same time last year.


If you have questions about DTU Research Output Statistics, please contact DTU Library at

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