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Access to additional literature during the Corona crisis

Tuesday 31 Mar 20

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In the light of the Corona crisis, several publishers are making a number of resources such as e-books and articles, that are usually behind paywalls, available to researchers and students for a limited period of time.

We have imported these new titles,  almost 4,000, into DTU Findit for a preliminary period of two months. By each title, we have indicated that it is only available under COVID-19; see picture.

The following publishers have opened up some or all of their e-books and articles:

  • Annual Reviews - a wide range of scientific review journals
  • MIT Press - books and journals in engineering and science
  • EBSCO - i.a. Harvard Business package
  • JoVe, Journal of Visualized Experiments - a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing experimental methods in video format
  • CUP, Cambridge University Press - the publisher's +700 textbooks are freely available in HTML format
  • Sage - books and reference works in primarily social sciences
  • World Scientific Journals - more than 40 titles from 2001-2020 [03-04-2020]

Time limit
Please note that the publishers close for access to these resources again at some stage. Therefore, we recommend that researchers and students, who have an interest in some of the resources, start using them straight away so as not to be denied access to a book in the middle of reading it.

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