Projects and partners

National relations
DTU Library participates in and leads a number of national projects contributing to both national library development and competency development of our staff. Many of the projects are financed via DEFF (Danmarks Elektroniske Fag- og Forskningsbibliotek - Denmarks Electronic Research Library).

DTU Library is involved in projects on Open Access and has made a significant contribution to supporting the Danish green Open Access strategy.

Open Science is high on the agenda at DTU Library too. We take part in projects on competency development within Open Science across the Danish research library sector.

For several years, DTU Library has led the way in the area of data management too e.g. by establishing infrastructures for research data. An important result has been an e-learning course on good practice in data management, which contributes to researchers' work on research data:
eLearning course about the importance of good research data management

Research libraries have gradually started to engage in projects across traditional research areas and areas that are of interest to citizens, i.e. citizen science. DTU Library contributes to a national citizen science project where the library participates along with researchers from DTU Aqua.

DTU Library is currently a supplier of the Danish National Research Database (DDF) and the Danish Open Access Indicator for the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

DTU Library also plays an active role in DFFU’s (Danish Research Library Association) effort to promote the research libraries' initiatives, collaboration and exchange of ideas. We contribute to the work in several of DFFU's forums and participate in the association's conferences.

International collaborations
Internationally, DTU Library supports the overall DTU vision of ensuring a high international level within the technical and natural science areas.

As for the rest of DTU, DTU Library has a solid collaboration with the other Nordic technical universities in Nordic 5 Tech, and we have close working relations with ETH in Switzerland, Delft in The Netherlands and TIB in Hannover.