Scientific information

Scientific information and research data are the mail foci of DTU Library's activities.

As a university library we buy scientific information within the research areas of DTU and we make it available not only to the DTU staff and students, but also to the public e.g. via DTU Findit.

DTU Library is responsible for the registration of all the research information produced by the university in DTU's research database DTU Orbit.

For researchers at the university DTU Library make available a repository for storing and sharing of research data from DTU, DTU Data.

Thus, DTU Library operates three key interfaces:

DTU Orbit - the DTU research database
PilLearn more on the ideas behind DTU Orbit
PilDTU Orbit

DTU Findit - DTU Library search system
PilLearn more on the ideas behind DTU Findit
PilDTU Findit

DTU Data - research data repository
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PilDTU Data