Research support

DTU Library suppors research, education and collaboration at DTU.

Documentation and registration

  • Registration of research publications in the Duniversity research database DTU Orbit at
  • Quality assurance of data for national indicators (“BFI”, Open Access)
  • Quality assurance of data for the DTU objectives and measures, ”UMV”

Data management

  • Provides access to a data archive for researchers and employees, DTU Data at
  • Advice on research data management
  • Offers support for Data Management Plans, DMP

Visibility and exposure

  • Exposure of DTU research at in DTU Orbit,
  • Exposure of DTU Research at the Danish Research Database, Google Scholar, DRIVER etc.
  • Supporting DTU by following new and international initiatives and standards (e.g. securing ORCID for researchers at DTU)
  • Provides access to a research data from DTU via DTU Ddata,

Counselling and teaching

  • Courses: "Search, Cite and Publicise", ”Make your Research Visible" and "Reference Management"
  • Tailor-made and individual introductions to DTU Findit etc
  • Offers training and advice on research data management, DMP, DTU Data
Marketing and communication
  • Communication via our web site, and DTU intranet, DTU Inside
  • Communication via social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Communication via “DTU Biblioteksforum”

Research supporting information

  • Securing access to and delivery of scientific literature via DTU Findit
    Securing access to relevant databases
  • Offering access to data for Text and Data Mining (TDM)
  • Offering access to data from DTU Smart Library