Education support

DTU Library suppors research, education and collaboration at DTU.

Study and learning environment

  • Responsible for the public library areas – study facilities, group study rooms, quiet study areas etc.
  • Responsible for stacks and collections
  • Facilitating relevant courses, exhibitions and events
  • Supporting student/teacher video production via DTU MediaLab
  • Developing e-learning environments to improve information competences
  • Developing DTU Smart Library as part of DTU Smart Campus

Counselling and teaching

  • ETCS pointgiving DTU course “Akademisk informationssøgning” for students
  • Courses in literature searching as part of subject and bachelor projects 
  • Individual counselling

Marketing and exposure

  • Making student thesis visible at DTU Findit,
    Communicating via our web site, and DTU intranet, DTU Inside
    Communicating via social media (Facebook, Instagram)
    Exposing DTU student activities to a broader audience

Study supporting information

  • Access to and delivery of scientific literature via DTU Findit
  • Access to relevant databases
  • Access to data sets from DTU Smart Library