DTU Library suppors research, education and collaboration at DTU.

Primary collaborators:

  • AFRI – management and other offices
  • Circle of DTU department heads and centre directors (”Direktørkredsen”) and President’s office
  • DTU Library Forum/ DTU Biblioteksforum
  • DTU Department managements
  • Research groups and researchers at DTU
  • Student associations at DTU
  • Other administrative offices

The Danish library sector
Collaborations and development:

  • Management collaboration in the Danish Research Library Directors’ Conference (”FC”)
  • Collaboration with the Danish Research Library Association (“DFDF”)
  • ParticipZtion in national loan collaboration
  • Participation in development projects within the framework of  Denmark’s Electronic Research Library ("DEFF")
  • Participation in national licence collaboration

Community, industry and innovation

  • Securing access to and delivery of scientific literature to the Danish industry, both online via DTU Findit and via campus libraries
  • Offering information searching and counselling to the public

Sparing and development collaboration with:

  • Nordic Five Tech
  • TechLib – group of leading European technical libraries (ETH, TIB, TUD, IC)


  •  The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation (FI))
  • Agency for Culture and Palaces (Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen)


  • Content suppliers (publishers, database and document suppliers)
  • System suppliers
  • Specific user groups