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Friday 29 Apr 22


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We are celebrating the 1st anniversary of tekniskkulturarv.dk

One year ago, DTU Library launched the site "Danmarks Tekniske Kulturarv". On the site, we present a selection of the library's historical collection with books from before 1920 and digitized photographs from the Nordic Industry, Agriculture and Art Exhibition in Copenhagen 1888 - among other photos.

The historical collection provides a fantastic insight into both DTU's history and engineering history in general. In this project, we have digitized a large share of the collection and made it searchable and accessible in full text. Everyone can download and use both texts and photographs virtually freely.

Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to supplement the site with more than 150 new titles and we hope to be able to raise funds to digitize more of the collection. In parallel, we are also working to improve the functionality of the site based on feedback and experience.

The site is well received with over 450 visitors a week and they stay on the site for a long time. We welcome the success and would like to invite even more of you for many hours of engineering geekiness, in topics such as pollution and the view of nature, health and hygiene - you decide.

On the library's Instagram, we bring every Thursday - Though Back Thursday, TBT - a good story from the collection, so stay tuned to @DTULibrary

PilRead more about the site on our news from the launch (in Danish)

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