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Thursday 27 Oct 22

What is a post-print?

The post-print version of a scientific article has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication but still lacks formal publisher lay-out.

Post-print is the term we use at DTU, but it may also be called “the accepted manuscript” or “author’s final manuscript”.

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Send your post-prints to DTU Library

As you know, DTU reached one of the top positions in the Danish Open Access Indicator measurement earlier this year. The indicator shows how many of the scientific publications from Danish universities that are available Open Access (i.e. available for everybody free of charge).

More than 73 % of all DTU publications are now available Open Access.

Help DTU, your department and yourself to improve the figures

The percentage of Open Access publications has not improved much during the last couple of years. The figures have levelled out and we still have a long way to go in order to reach 100 % Open Access, which is the goal of the national Open Access strategy, that DTU endorses.

If we are to reach 100 % Open Access, we depend on you to send all your post-prints to DTU Library. When you publish, you will need to consider Open Access anyway. Many funders have strict Open Access requirements and sometimes depositing the post-print in a repository like DTU Orbit will help you fulfil the requirements. DTU Library will make sure that we upload the manuscripts in accordance with the copyright and Open Access policies of the individual publishers, i.e. embargo periods. Most importantly though, you will need to consider Open Access when you negotiate with publishers before signing away your research articles.

Monitor your department’s Open Access status

You can see your department’s Open Access status and monitor the figures (at group and section level too) in our DTU Research Output Statistics. The figures for the current year are updated every two weeks.
PilDTU Research Output Statistic

Please note that the next national Open Access Measurement will be based on 2021 publications - so these have first priority.

Check your publication list

You can monitor the Open Access status of your own publications DTU Orbit too. Click on the titles without an Open Access icon and check if a post-print is missing. If the Orbit record does not contain a post-print under embargo, please send it to DTU Library as soon as possible.

Naturally, the post-print is not necessary if the publisher version is already available Open Access. 

PilDTU Publication Policy (pdf)
PilLearn more about Open Access on DTU Inside (DTU login)

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