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How to get a discount on Open Access publishing

Tuesday 25 Oct 22
DTU Open Access Discount

DTU Library provides a tool to identify journals where DTU authors can get a discount on Open Access publishing.

Search for journals offering a discount:
PilDTU Open Access Discount

In the tool, you’ll find all the journals where DTU Library's journal subscriptions trigger a discount on the Open Access APC (Article Processing Charge) - the charge payed by the corresponding author to have the article Open Access immediately.

Always use your DTU email address

A basic rule is to use your DTU e-mail address when submitting manuscripts for publication. This ensures that you are recognized as affiliated with DTU and thus, trigger the discount. This is important.

You department can save money

One way to Open Access is to pay an APC to the publisher or journal for the article to be immediately available Open Access. For DTU, this expense sums up to millions of kroner every year.
By applying the discounts on the Open Access APC, DTU's expense for Open Access publishing is reduced.

In some Elsevier journals, you can publish Open Access completely free of charge. We have a similar agreement with Wiley.

PilLearn more on Open Access discounts on DTU Inside (DTU login)

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