Experience Extended Reality at DTU Library – XR, VR and AR

Wednesday 20 Apr 22

DTU Library has developed two XR Stations with VR headsets for students and employees at DTU. XR, or Extended Reality, is an umbrella term for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and everything in between.

The stations can be used for making projects with tools such as Unity and Blender, but also for entertainment or learning.

As a tool for learning XR can be used to teach students about subjects in a new visual manner that has not been possible until now.

Contact the media service of the library, DTU Media Lab, to hear more about the possibilities in XR and get personal guidance: medialab@dtu.dk

Create a digital twin and experience the inner mechanics of wind turbine, the molecular interactions in microbiology, the anatomy of the human body, the geological formations of mountains or join a spacecraft to the outer limits of the solar system. Countless possibilities exist in the programs and games available in the XR Stations.

We look forward to seeing, what you will come up with!

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