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Wednesday 10 Oct 18


Christian Bak
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+4546 77 50 91


Pernille Rydén
Head of Studies, Associate Professor
DTU Diplom
+4535 88 52 38


DTU Library
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Christian Bak and Pernille Rydén will each give a brief introduction to their respective research fields and outline how they find information and where they publish their research. Both are speakers at DTU’s current High Tech Summit.

During the next two days, DTU will be hosting the High Tech Summit where research and industry will meet to discuss the leading digitization technologies and how these may benefit Danish industry. The conference includes an exhibition, DTU Start-Up Fair, University Startup World Cup and exciting presentations from researchers, business people and entrepreneurs.

Christian Bak, DTU Wind Energy

One of the DTU researchers who will speak at the conference is senior researcher Christian Bak from DTU Wind Energy. His Tech Talk The Poul la Cour Tunnel: Supporting RD&D is part of the conference track ‘Business Inside Technology’ that takes place during the Thursday session: ‘Exploiting Advanced Research Infrastructures at DTU - collaboration and capabilities’.

He describes his information seeking as a dynamic process that will sometimes lead him to different places than expected because he looks for solutions to problems that have not been described in a wind energy context before.

“When I am exploring something completely new, I cannot approach my search in a conventional manner because I will probably need to search within research fields other than my own – wind energy - to find inspiration.

I usually begin with a Google search and here I might find useful reports and articles. I am aware that the references I find are probably not the most reliable so I will look them up in DTU Library’s Findit where the information is more trustworthy. In my case, the relevant articles will probably be published in journals like ‘Wind energy’, ’Wind Energy Science’ (Open source), AIAA Journals (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), ’Journal of Sound and Vibration’ and in various conference proceedings (e.g. AIAA).

I will also look for old literature and research conducted in the aviation industry in the 1930s up to and including the 1970s. Here, I will search for e.g. publications from AGARD (Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development, NATO) and in the database NASA Technical Report Server. Studies of aerodynamics or aeroacoustics may still be valuable to me even if they have been conducted many years ago in completely different contexts and for different applications than what I am researching.”

A selection of journals that Christian Bak uses for his research:

PilWind Energy (ISSN: 1099-1824)
PilWind Energy Science (ISSN: 2366-7451) (Open source)
PilAIAA Journal (ISSN: 1533-385X)

A selection of journals that Christian Bak publish in:

PilInternational Journal of Aeroacoustics (ISSN: 1475-472X)
PilJournal of Solar Energy Engineering (ISSN: 0199-6231)
PilJournal of Sound and Vibration (ISSN: 0022-460X)

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Would you like to know more about Senior Scientist Christian Bak, his research and publications? Find more information in DTU research database, DTU Orbit.
PilChristian Bak's research

Pernille Rydén, DTU Diplom

Also Pernille Rydén, who is Associate Professor and Head of Studies at DTU Diplom, will speak at the conference. Her Tech Talk Disrupt your mindset to transform your business with BIG DATA is part of a session about: Future digital competencies by future learning methods, within the conference track ‘Business Inside Technology’.

Pernille Rydén is currently project leader for DTU's contribution on an Innovation Fund project focusing on improving patient-provider interactions in the public healthcare sector with new technologies.
Furthermore, she teach and do research in various areas like Management, Marketing, Communication, Organisational culture, New technologies (e.g., social media, big data), Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Innovation.

She describes her research and information seeking like this:

”My research investigates the influence of managerial cognition on strategic sensemaking and decision-making involving new digital technologies. The main focus is on senior managers and middle managers within business-to-consumer and business-to-business to understand how the technologies are applied for interactions with the consumers and other stakeholders and to drive organizational and cultural transformations and innovation processes in general.

My work depends on many different information sources. For my research, I rely on journal publications in particular within the domains of psychology, business, and technology, depending on the outlet I am submitting to. The past year I have focused on California Management Review, Journal of management Studies, and Industrial Marketing Management.

For my teaching, I use e.g., my latest published book "Disrupt your mindset to transform your business with big data" supplemented with practitioner-oriented journals like California Management Review, Harvard Business Review, and Sloan management review, article links from news feeds, podcasts, and Youtube videos. For those purposes, I use library databases as well as ordinary search engines. The latter works for a scoped search whereas the former is better for systemized search for e.g. literature reviews.”

A selection of journals that Pernille Rydén uses for her research:

PilJournal of management Studies (ISSN: 1467-6486)
PilCalifornia Management Review (ISSN: 0008-1256)
PilSloan Management Review (ISSN: 0019-848X)

A selection of journals that Pernille Rydén publish in:

PilIndustrial Marketing Management (ISSN: 0019-8501)
PilJournal of Interactive Marketing’ (ISSN: 1094-9968)

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Would you like to know more about Pernille Rydén, her research and publications? Find more information in DTU research database, DTU Orbit.
PilPernille Pydén's research

DTU Library

In the article 'High Tech Summit | Information resources for research 'you can find information about other online resources that DTU Library provide access to. We have gathered a small selection of DTU Library's online resources, where you can search for new research information and find publications covering research at DTU.

You are always welcome to ask us for help e.g. finding a specific publication or just to be inspired for new sources.

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