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Warning: Be weary of Predatory Journals

Wednesday 21 Aug 19

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Learn about predatory journals and how to avoid them

Predatory journals are journals without peer-review and with titles that are deceptively similar to those of existing, highly estimated journals published by e.g. Elsevier or Springer – and who will publish anything for payment.

Researchers publishing in predatory journals miss citations and exposure. When research is published by, or associated with, predatory publishers, it reflects badly on the individual researcher.  

Inevitably, it harms the reputation of DTU and the DTU departments when DTU researchers publish in predatory journals.

An article in the Danish paper Weekendavisen (16 August 2019) recently discussed the subject* (in Danish)

Roadshow for DTU departments
We take the opportunity to remind you that DTU Library offers a 30-45 minute talk on predatory publishers for DTU departments and centers.


Please contact us if your department, center or research group is interested - or if you have questions on predatory journals:


* Title: Adgang for alle
Friday, August 16, 2019 Weekendavisen Section 4 (Ideer) Page 4 CHARLOTTE WIEN Professor, SDU ASGER VÆRING LARSEN Chefkonsulent, SDU... 1357 words Id: e74dbcea

You can access the article with your DTU login via Infomedia
– search for e74dbcea

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