Open Access Indikator 2019

Publishing: This year's figures from the Open Access indicator shows continued progress

Friday 05 Apr 19


Lise Ingemann Mikkelsen
Team Manager
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
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The good trends continue - DTU's researchers must continue to focus on sending Author Accepted manuscript/post-print to DTU Library for DTU to reach the national goals

This year's figures from the Open Access Indicator was launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science on April 4. The indicator tells you how many scientific publications have been published Open Access, i.e. distributed online, free of cost or other barriers.

This year's figures show a significant progress at the national level and, for DTU, a particularly good progress. DTU is on top of the list with 64% Open Access measured on 3,528 publications, of which 2,270 are Open Access. Last year's share was 58%. DTU is only surpassed by the IT University, scoring high based on very few publications. The overall goal for national Open Access this year is 45%, and DTU thus does very well.

The untapped potential
For DTU, 515 publications are registered with unused Open Access potential, ie. publications that could be published Open Access if only DTU Library had received post-print from the researchers. For these publications, the publisher allows "parallel publishing" of the post-print version and the embargo period is under 12 months.

If we had registered these 515 publications, the Open Access share for DTU would have been just no more than 80%!

Increasing the Open Access share at DTU towards the national goal of 100% from 2025 onwards is thus dependent on DTU's researchers continuing to send all their post-prints to DTU Library.

DTU Library is responsible for the registration of publications in DTU Orbit, ensuring that any embargo periods are adhered to.

Send your post-prints
The important message is that DTU’s researchers must remember to send DTU Library their post-prints, whenever articles are ready for publication in scientific journals.

For questions on registration or Open Access please contact

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