Predatory Journals

Predatory journals also a problem at DTU

Tuesday 04 Dec 18

At the end of October, it was revealed in the Danish weekly newspaper ‘Ingeniøren’ that more than 100 Danish researchers — among others researchers from DTU — have published articles in so-called predatory journals that charge money to bring research articles without peer review. DTU keeps a watchful eye on predatory journals — also known as fake scientific journals — whose livelihoods
rely on conning researchers.

At first glance, the predatory journals look like Open Access scientific journals (see fact box), but when a researcher submits an article, typically one of two things happens:

The first possibility is that the researcher pays the scientific journal to publish the article. There are no citations because the journal is rarely indexed in Web Of Science, for example. If others discover that you have published in a predatory scientific journal, it may affect your reputation.

Summary of article in Danish form DTUavisen #7, 2018


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