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Meet DTU Library at DTU High Tech Summit

Friday 25 Oct 19

30 and 31 October 2019, DTU Library, building 101D, Lyngby Campus.
Explore new sides of DTU Library; visit our stand in the library in building 101 and hear what lies behind DTU Media Lab and DTU Smart Library and hear about our involvement in Digital Reality. Try the Plank Experience with our new Oculus Quest virtual reality headset or test mixed reality with a HoloLens 1 headset.

You all know DTU Library for our classic services: providing access to scientific literature, teaching information seeking, reference management, etc. In recent years, we have created, we believe, DTU's best study environment with room for more than 800 students in our library Hall in Lyngby and with over 100 databar computers freely available.

During DTU High Tech Summit, we will present other sides of DTU Library. During both conference days, you will find a DTU Library stand among the stands in the Entrepreneurship & Startup track in the library, building 101D.

Here, we will present three areas that the library is currently working on and that match the overall themes of DTU High Tech Summit: DTU Media Lab, DTU Smart Library and Digital Reality.

DTU Media Lab
Staff and students can use the DTU Media Lab facilities when they need to get their message across – be it in a pitch, a project application, for teaching purposes etc.

DTU Media Lab is located in the basement of the library hall in Lyngby. It offers a video studio, an editing studio and a virtual reality studio. DTU Media Lab does lots of the streaming and recording of teaching activities on DTU's campuses.

At the library stand, virtual reality is in focus. Come and "walk the plank".

DTU Smart Library
DTU Library is creating an excellent learning environment. Temperature, humidity, CO2 level, sound and light must be optimal. Conditions must be adaptable to season, time of day, learning situation and learning style. Therefore, the library hall in Lyngby has a number of sensors continuously monitoring the various parameters.

Data from these sensors can be used to analyse, visualize and apply data. At DTU Library, we make our infrastructure available to DTU and we provide access to research and building data.

We use this technology and data to ensure that library staff, cleaning staff, IT service, guards, craftsmen and movers are present when their services, knowledge and efforts are needed.

At DTU High Tech Summit, you can hear more about DTU Smart Library and the technologies we use and offer. You can also learn how to get access to the library hall data for your research or study project.

Digital Reality
Digital-Reality.dk is DTU Library's latest venture within Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Together with Virsabi and KRING Innovation, we are currently assisting three Danish companies to apply VR, AR and MR to their workplaces, as well as to their global customers.

The goal of this one-year project is to develop a digital platform with 10 tools that can inspire other companies to get an easy start with XR technology.

DTU Library contributes to the project by measuring the impact that virtual solutions have for each of the three companies as well as by gathering and disseminating knowledge about the latest developments in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

We see a great potential in participating in this business project. In addition, we are developing tools for implementing VR and AR in teaching at DTU.

Visit our stand and hear more about Digital-Reality.dk. You can meet our partner, Virsabi, an expert in XR solutions development who will show examples of Mixed Reality solutions using Microsoft's HoloLens 1.

The Danish Industry Foundation supports Digital-Reality.dk through a grant of DKK 4.2 million.

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