New entry to the publication statistics

Thursday 11 Apr 19
DTU Research Output Statistics

DTU Library has launched a new publication statistics site, DTU Research Output Statistics, to replace the statistics previously available in DTU Orbit.

The statistics are now integrated with DTU Findit, and the site is designed to monitor and document the library’s input to the annual UMV statistics.

As before, the figures reflect the number of publications registered in DTU Orbit i.e. publications affiliated to DTU.

Please note that statistic reports are generated every two weeks.

Go to DTU Findit,, login and select Statistics in the dropdown menu by your profile top right hand corner.

DTU Findit Menu
How do I find figures for my department/section?
To see figures for a particular department or section use the dropdown menu next to “Technical University of Denmark”. You can either search for the department/section in the search field or you can unfold the organizational structure by using the arrows to the left of the departmental level.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the DTU Library at

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