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Tuesday 09 Oct 18


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High Tech Summit 2018

Tomorrow, DTU rolls out the research-based high-tech conference High Tech Summit. The summit takes place over two days and invite both technology providers and technology users to debate new technologies and digital future. DTU Library has gathered a small selection of relevant online resources.

The conference highlights the use of digitalization, robotics and artificial intelligence within Health, Food, and Biotechnology.

This year High Tech Summit focus on seven trends that form the main themes of the conference: ’Industry 4.0 & Robotics’, ’Big Data & Artificial Intelligence’, ’Internet of things’, ’Smart Healthcare & Food’, ’Business Inside Technology’, ’Entrepreneurship’ and ’For the Global Goals’.

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Keep track ...
DTU Library focus on the themes of the High Tech Summit and therefore we have gathered a small selection of DTU Library's online resources, where you can search for new research information and find publications covering research at DTU.

You are always welcome to ask us for help e.g. finding a specific publication or just to be inspired for new sources.

PilIEEE Xplorer Digital Library
IEEE Xplorer provides access to full-text documents from highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics.

PilSPIE Digital Library
The SPIE Digital Library is the most extensive resource available on optics and photonics, providing access to Conference Proceedings, technical papers, Journals and eBooks.

SpringerLink provides access to publications in various areas from Springer Publishing: Journals, reference works, books and databases.

PilACM Digital Library
Covers IT and computer science. It contains bibliographical references, conference proceedings, reviews as well as journal and newsletter articles.

Industry 4.0 & Robotics

Industry 4.0 covers the integration between the digital world and production. This brings great technological progress in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing and creates, among other things, what's being called "the smart factory”.

A small selection of relevant titles on the subject:
Pil’Virtual and Physical Prototyping’ (ISSNs: 1745-2767)
Pil‘Journal of Manufacturing Processes’ (ISSN: 1526-6125)
Pil’The Concept Industry 4.0’ (ISBN: 978-3-658-16502-4)

Big Data

The term Big Data describes large data sets, structured or unstructured, and the potential uses of these data. Gathering, storing, analysing, processing and interpretation provide knowledge about different connections and trends.

A small selection of relevant titles on the subject:
PilData & Knowledge Engineering (ISSN: 0169-023X)
PilBig Data (ISSN: 2167-6461)
PilScalable Big Data Architecture: A Practitioner’s Guide to Choosing Relevant Big Data Architecture (ISBN: 978-1-4842-1326-1)

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines. The core problems of artificial intelligence include programming computers to work and react like humans.

A small selection of relevant titles on the subject::
PilEngineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (ISSN: 0952-1976)
PilArtificial Intelligence and Law (ISSN: 0924-8463)

Internet of things
The Internet is expanding as an increasing number of wireless devices that are connected and new applications emerge. Internet of Things represents a brand new network where devices communicate and exchange data. It opens up a completely new level of intelligence and automation of the network that give rise to new business opportunities.

A small selection of relevant titles on the subject:
PilI E E E Wireless Communications Magazine (ISSN: 1536-1284)
Pil‘ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC)’ (ISSN: 1550-4832)
Pil‘Securing the Internet of Things’ (ISBN: 978-0-12-804458-2)

Smart Healthcare & Food
The healthcare and food sectors have already adopted and integrated digital technologies and though this type of technology is still in its infancy, the potential of developing Smart Health Technologies is great. However, further research and development is needed, e.g. to ensure the accuracy of data.

A small selection of relevant titles on the subject:
PilBehavior Research Methods (ISSN: 1554-3554)
PilPLoS One
PilBMC Bioinformatics (ISSN: 1471-2105)
PilChemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems (ISSN: 0168-7439)
PilHuman Brain Mapping (ISSN: 1065-9471)

Business Inside Technology

A growing number of companies see the new technologies as an opportunity for developing new digital business models and strategies.

A small selection of relevant titles on the subject:
PilStrategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance (ISSN: 1099-1697)
PilJournal of Marketing Channels (ISSN: 1046-669X)
PilJournal of Business Strategy (ISSN: 0275-6668)
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You can search and find more information in DTU Findit, DTU's online library service. Here you search all the literature of the library covering the research areas of the university: science and technology.
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On the DTU Library website you find a range of data bases, e-book collections and other online resource, from DTU Library. You may also use our Subject guides and Topic guides.
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Stay tuned; tomorrow you can learn what some of the researchers say about resources and references and see their list of  favourite publications.

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