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Thursday 04 Nov 21
How to contact DTU Library

E-mail - bibliotek@dtu.dk

The easiest way for you to get help and guidance from the library is to send us an e-mail at bibliotek@dtu.dk

Here you can formulate your problem precisely and we by-pass any misunderstandings e.g. about the use or spelling of scientific and technical terms. You can explain your needs and describe how you have searched for literature and references. With an e-mail, we have more facts to work with.

On weekdays, a librarian reads incoming e-mails and, if possible, responds straightaway. However, we aim to reply all mails within three working days.

If an enquiry is particularly complex, we can always call you up or arrange to meet in person to solve the problem.

Phone - 4525 7250 - 9.00-15.00

On weekdays, 9.00 - 15.00, a librarian is ready to answer your questions over the phone. Do not hesitate to call us 4525 7250.

Meet us in the library in Lyngby

You can also get assistance from a librarian in the library in Lyngby weekdays between 9.00 and 15.00. Simply contact Library Services and ask for help.

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions on our website - you might find help there.
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Opening hours

The most frequently asked question relates to our opening hours. You have access to the library both in Lyngby and in Ballerup seven days a week, 24/7 - except for Christmas and New Year, and in Ballerup we also close for the summer.

See when Library Service is staffed on our opening hours page or on the signs/screen at the entrance.
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