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Friday 23 Oct 20
DTU Research Output Statistics

DTU Research Output Statistics - i.e. DTU Library’s publication statistics - provide publication data for various purposes – e.g. as documentation used for the UMV reporting. The statistics now include Open Access figures.

You access the statistics in DTU Findit by selecting "Statistics" at the top under your name. Then select e.g. department in the drop-down menu. You will then see how many publications have been added to DTU Orbit this year – the publications are divided into 5 categories that match the ones used in the UMV.
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Show Open Access

If you select "Show Open Access", you will see 4 Open Access categories: Open Access, Embargoed Open Access, Total (A + Embargoed OA) and Closed.

Open Access is the number of publications that are already Open Access in DTU Orbit and thus freely available to the outside world.

Embargoed Open Access are publications in Orbit that are not yet Open Access due to an embargo period.

Total (OA + Embargoed OA) reflects the sum of the two and indicates the Open Access level that may be reached if the embargo periods expire before the figures are reported.

Closed describes publications where DTU Library has not yet found or received post-prints from the researchers or where publishers do not allow us to upload post-prints with Open Access

Open Access

Subject matter

The Open Access figures are based on published scientific peer-reviewed journal articles, conference articles, letters and reviews published in journals with ISSN as well as articles in proceedings with ISSN.

The delay

The Open Access figures for 2020 are based on the publications uploaded to Orbit during 2020. The 2019 figures are still relevant, however.

Denmark’s National Strategy for Open Access allows for an embargo period of up to 12 months. When the publication figures for 2020 are reported to the UMV in January 2021, it is actually the 2019-Open Access figures that are reported.

You find Open Access figures for 2019 publications by scrolling down the statistics page to 2019 and locating the so-called follow-up report. The follow-up report is an Open Access measurement based on last year's publications – it is generated on 1 June and 1 October every year.

Open Access

In future, both the Open Access and publication figures reported to the UMV can be found under the "UMV" tab. The follow-up reports can also be found here.


If you have questions about DTU Research Output Statistics or Open Access, you are welcome to contact DTU Library at

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