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Improved search for author in DTU Findit

Monday 22 Nov 21



Searching for authors

There is a new feature, which provides an implicit help when searching for author names.

If DTU Findit now recognises your search as an author search, you will be offered suggestions for initials, middle names etc. and DTU Findit will suggest a search string for you. The search string includes the Boolean operators, AND, OR and NOT, as a librarian would use them. In this way, DTU Findit is trying to help you discover all literature from a specific author, regardless of the name form used by the individual journal.

Author searching is also explicitly available as a dedicated author search at "Advanced".

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Revision of the facets/filters

We have revised and simplified the filters you may use to refine your search result.  With the filters, you can e.g. refine your search on scientific articles, conference contributions, books, book chapters by selecting a “Type”.  You can also limit your search to the year of publication and language by using the most common filters “Year” and “Language”.  Please feel free to experiment with the other filters available.

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News and filters

Get updated on news that match your filter.