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Thursday 18 Nov 21



My content

Your personal library is now available in DTU Findit in "My content" at the right of your search result. This will provide you with an overview of your orders and publications that you have saved and / or tagged, your saved searches and feeds on search results, as well as the journal feeds you have set up.

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Tag - label your references

You can now label and sort your references by using the tags function in DTU Findit by associating individual items in your search result with a label. To associate a search result item with a tag, please click the tag icon located upper right at a search result item. The tag name you choose - a keyword, a subject term, an author or a project name - may be of some help when working with your references.

You can also share these tags with other DTU Findit users, and they in turn can subscribe to the tags.  A research group or study group may thus all see the same collection of references for their research or study project.  Please find these subscriptions at “Feeds”.



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