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Tuesday 24 Aug 21

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24 hours a day, every day!

Library Service:

Ballerup Campus
Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00 - 12:00

Lyngby Campus
Monday-Friday: 8.00- 20.00
Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-16.00

- in Ballerup and Lyngby as well as online

DTU Library plays a central role for students at DTU, not only as university library, but also as part of the lively study environment.

The Library
You will find DTU Library on Lyngby and Ballerup Campus. In Lyngby, the library is located in building 101 just across form the student canteen. In Ballerup, you will find the library centrally located in the main building.

Your digital library - DTU Findit

As a DTU student you have online access to the digital library of millions of scientific articles and e-books. Our search engine DTU Findit makes it easy to search across the many electronic journals we subscribe to, as well as our big collection of e-books.

for many year DTU Library has focused on e-books. You can find our e-books via DTU Findit. Our printed books are found in the basement in Lyngby and in the library itself in Ballerup; you can borrow the printed book after registration with you student card. Before borrowing a book from the shelves, it is important that you check DTU Findit if the book is available in a newer edition online or if there is a newer e-book on the same topic.

Data bar & DTU wireless
In both libraries, you have access to DTU wireless network and we have printers, scanners, etc. at both sites. Black and white print is free of charge for DTU students. In Lyngby, we offer a large data bar with almost 100 Windows PCs and double screens.

Study places and group study rooms
Both in Lyngby and in Ballerup you will find study and reading places and room for group work as well as a number of well-equipped group rooms that you can book online.
PilBook grupperum, Lyngby
PilBook grupperum, Ballerup

Study environment
DTU Library offers a variety of places to relax and "recharge" between lectures. From time to time we are hosting events - check our calendar on the website.
PilDTU Library calendar

Guidance and courses
Throughout the day you can get help and guidance from the library staff. You can also make an appointment with a librarian for a session tailored to your needs. You may also start by following one of our courses.
PilBook a librarian
PilDTU Library courses

News from DTU Library
DTU Library posts new offers on DTU Inside, on our Facebook page or on Instagram
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Drop by
You are always welcome to drop by the library and have a chat - whether you are studying in Lyngby or in Ballerup.

Welcome to DTU Library
- look forward to helping you!

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